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The first third
By Will Kostakis

Why read it?

In honour of our upcoming Get Lit(erary)! Festival - and that we are, once again, having awesome author Will Kostakis come to the Year 7s virtually (hopefully via that medium for the LAST TIME!) on Tuesday 9th November - let's feature his brilliant book The First Third.

I COULD do a proper review of it, but honestly, Will talks about it (and his Yiayia Susie, who serves as QUITE a bit of inspiration for it...and beyond that, his stories about her are straight-up EPIC!) and he'll do it far more justice than I can do here.

Let's just say it's a hilarious, bittersweet and beautiful book and if you haven't read it, you really must. In fact, just read ALL his books. They're completely and utterly worth it.

When you're able to come in and actually VISIT the library and borrow things again, you'll find The First Third in the Realistic Fiction here for more info. Happily, we also have it as an eBook on OverDrive, and you can borrow it by clicking here!

Miss Emma Bruty, Librarian

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