The Principal's Reading Challenge is HERE!

Principal's Reading Challenge

Yes, it's arrived - and we're doing things a bit differently from the Premiers' Reading Challenge. Here's the deal!

First of all – and perhaps most importantly – ANYONE can take part!

It doesn’t matter what year you’re in. From Year 7 to Year 12, if you want in – you’re in!

The second most important thing is that there will be NO MORE READING LISTS!

“Um…so what do we read then?”, we hear you say!

YOU CHOOSE! Yes, it’s up to YOU to decide what you read!

Here’s the deal – you register to complete the Challenge in a particular Reading Category. You can choose the one that best suits YOU!

From graphic novels, to books from the Quick Reads collection - there's a stack of Categories from which you can choose! Each Category has a different amount – though they’re all pretty similar – to allow for the fact that some Categories tend to have very big books and some have very small ones!

Oh, and another thing - there's prizes up for grabs. Each student who registers for the Challenge will earn a point for their House. By completing the Challenge, they'll go into a draw for some of the aforementioned prizes! The major prize is for the House Group that has the most students who complete the Challenge...and they'll be treated to a pizza lunch, courtesy of the Library staff!

If you’ve got any other questions, want to suss something out or (hopefully!) want to register, feel free to come to the Library desk and (hopefully!) a staff member can help you out!


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