Student Book Review

Rhea Joby, Year 7

The Land of Stories series by Chris Colfer are thrilling books of magic and sorcery. They are funny, fascinating and sometimes tragic. These books are recommended for ages 10 and over since they would be the ones who would enjoy it most. I would rate these series 5/5 since it has every element of what an amazing book requires. It's enjoyable and fascinating and kept me in suspense of what was going to happen next. These are great books to boost your imagination and let it free to go in crazy directions as the story takes you.

These books are about 2 twins, a brother named Conner and a sister named Alex, who are very interested in fairy tales, especially the ones their father had taught them. These 2 twins are completely opposite to each other as Alex is smart and keen to learn and pays attention in class while Conner has a writer's mind and usually sleeps in classes. Through the journey the books takes you through, these 2 characters grow and so does their relationship. They dive into the magical world of fairy tales and solve problems that have been caused by various antagonists from different fairy tales. Chris Colfer's version of the numerous fairy tale characters and stories are amazingly entertaining and interesting.

I had a hard time putting this book down since it was so engaging and exciting. It's filled with wonderful characters and meeting every one of them was intriguing. Chris Colfer has also released 3 prequels which you will find delightfully exhilarating as well since he dives into the fairy council and how it all really began...

Find the first book in the series here.

Rhea Joby, Year 7

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