Student Book Review

Maria Doukas, Year 7

I would recommend this book for people over the age of 10, as people that age would enjoy this book. I rate this book ⅘ stars. The author did a great job in creating suspense and keeping me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I can see many people feeling worried about Iris’s actions towards her twin sister, Ivy.

I can also see many people not enjoying the ending of this book. It kind of made me feel a bit angry because Iris was the antagonist in this book and she ended up getting the power from her sister, the protagonist.

The first 20% of the book mostly talks about the death of the twins’ mother. I reckon if the author narrowed it down to 5%, it would’ve improved the interesting parts in the book. Also, Ivy was street smart and a straight A student, so I was a bit surprised that it took her so long to find out how bad her sister actually was.

Overall, I think this book was amazing and I had a really hard time putting it down!

Find it here: The twin - Natasha Preston

Maria Doukas, Year 7

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